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If you wish to obtain a copy of any of the books published by the Editorial of the Peace and Cooperation Foundation you can request it by any of the means of contact.

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Bold Chronicles

10 March 2017|Categories: Editorial Peace and Cooperation|

The presentation of the last book by Joaquín Antuña, president and founder of Peace and Cooperation, Crónicas Audaces (Audacious chronicles) took place on 25 April at Casino of Madrid. Darko Zelenika, Bosnia Herzegovina’s Ambassador, and Andrea Roussou, of Cyprus’s Embassy, participated in [...]

“The Spanish Labyrinth” in the Madrid Casino

15 October 2015|Categories: Editorial Peace and Cooperation|

In the Casino of Madrid, on November 10th, during the Tertulia by José Luis Yzaguirre, the book “The Spanish Labyrinth” by Joaquín Antuña, President and Founder of Peace and Cooperation, was presented. Xulio Xiz, promoter of Galicia Digital, and Professor [...]

“The Perplexed Man” in the Madrid Casino

30 May 2015|Categories: Editorial Peace and Cooperation|

Last Tuesday on the 9th of June, the extraordinary Madrid Casino welcomed the presentation/launch of “El hombre perplejo”, a compilation of articles written by the President and Founder of the Peace and Cooperation Foundation, Joaquín Antuña. The thematic focus of [...]