Paz y Cooperación

Peace and cooperation

Peace and Cooperation was founded by Joaquín Antuña in 1982 and became a foundation in 1998 From the beginning, the actions of this Non Governmental Organization (NGO) have been centered on promoting a movement of non-violence and creativity and on building a world of solidarity.

Thus, doing away with the destruction that violence causes and bringing about a sustained effort to build a peaceful planet has always been the main priority. In order to pursue this, the focus has been disarmament, development, human rights, solidarity actions and global peace education.

The motto of this NGO is “Create and Survive” , and its logo is represented by two doves with an olive branch.

Peace and Cooperation is associated with the Spanish Confederation of Foundations, the Spanish Coalition for Development, the alliance composed of NGO´s with the Special Status of the United Nations (CONGO), the International Peace Bureau (IPB), THE Millennium People’s Assembly, UNITED (against racism), and the Securipax Forum of UNESCO.

Since 1996, Peace and Cooperation has been associated with Airline Ambassadors – a prestigious NGO in the United States, constant collaborator for the annual Peace and Cooperation School Award.

The work of this Foundation has been recognised by the United Nations ever since its creation. It received the Peace Messenger Award in 1987, became an Organization Associated with the Department of Public Information in 1994, and was granted Special Consultative Status from the ECOSOC in 1999.

Peace and Cooperation received the prestigious award
“Peace and Security 2006”

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Joaquín Antuña


Joaquín Antuña considers himself a natural born Asturian. His family is from Mieres and he spends his summers in Aviles in the north of Spain.

He studied with the Jesuits and received his masters in Law in the Complutense University of Madrid. He carried out his postgraduate studies in France, in the prestigious Institut d´Etudes Politiques of Paris.

He is an avid traveler, publicist and polyglot. He speaks and writes five different languages and has some notions of five others. Citizen of the world by conviction, he lived in Germany, Italy and Mexico, where he has performed various tasks in the United Nations while continually practicing his social activism.

While in Rome, Joaquin Antuña met Aurelio Peccei, founder of the Club of Rome. This marked a radical turn in his life where he discovered the “world problematique”, though it was his conversations with Mother Teresa which propelled him to put concrete forms to his powerful vision.

In Spain, Joaquín has been the pioneer in development and education for peace. He was a strong supporter of democracy with Joaquín Ruíz-Giménez and was Secretary of International Relations of “Izquierda Democrática”, the democratic left.

As a publicist he has written numerous articles, has directed a radio program for two years and has presented and directed a television program for three.

As lecturer he has participated in many forums all over the world.

He has published “Verso Verso il Duemila” (in italian), “The Srategy of Hope”, “Fifty Ideas for Peace”, a video book titled “Another Humanity”, “Third Millenium” (in Spanish) which was taken from his television program of the same name and “The Art of Creating and NGO: Opening Breach”. This twenty years of service of a powerfull utopia, a better world for all, are descrived in original form.

In 1982, he founded Peace and Cooperation and since then he has distinguished himself as a great organizer of large public events.


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Peace and Cooperation at United Nations

On December 4th, 2009, Joaquín Antuña was officially received at the Secretary General office by Madame Asha-Rose Migiro, Vicesecretary General at the United Nations in New York, on behalf of the Secretary General Mr. Banki-moon. [...]