Last Tuesday on the 9th of June, the extraordinary Madrid Casino welcomed the presentation/launch of “El hombre perplejo”, a compilation of articles written by the President and Founder of the Peace and Cooperation Foundation, Joaquín Antuña. The thematic focus of this meeting is none other than the necessity to promote peace, as well as the promotion of a more international point of view in our society.

This presentation took place at a gathering party of the President of the Mediterranean Organisation of Journalists and Writers of Tourism and Arts, José Luis Yzaguirre, who introduced the event and moderated it, showing great experience and wisdom when talking about subjects as relevant as peace and non-violence worldwide.

Peace and Cooperation had the honour to be seated by the table together with a series of distuinguished guests of the diplomatic world. Together with Joaquín Antuña, the meeting was led by her Excellency Mrs. Carla María Rodríguez Mancia, Ambassador of Guatemala, as well as his Excellency Mr. Musa Odeh, Ambassador of Palestine. Furthermore, we were honoured with the presence of Mrs. Hadda Derradji, Counselor of Cultural Affairs and Cooperation of the Embassy of Algeria and Mr. Emmanuel Fernández Revilla, Minister of Consular Affairs of the Embassy of the Philippines.

There were also present faithful friends of the foundation such as Mrs. Dusica Nikolic Dan and Irina Kuznetsova from the Serbian House, the industrialist and theologian Alfonso Ramonet, the writer Fernando de Salas, the headmaster of the Caude School in Majadahonda, Pilar Barroso and its president and teacher Paloma Royo, as well as Mayor of Esquivias Helena Fernández de Velasco and the head of the Cervantes House Museum Susana García Moya.