Casino of Madrid presented the book by the president of Peace and Cooperation, Joaquín Antuña, Crónicas del alba (Dawn chronicles). The work, whose caver has been illustrated by the painter Francisca Blázquez, includes a collection of articles published on Galicia Digital by the author and it is also about the activities ofPeace and Cooperation.

The Embassy of Cyprus was represented by the diplomat Cristiana Tzica, coordinator of the campaign “The path to Cyprus”, which will start on 20 October at the United Nations in Vienna and will finish on 10 December 2018 at the Cypriot city of Paphos. The event was also attended by the academician Pedro Rocamora, of the Royal Academy of Doctors of Spain; Emilio Ginés, member of the Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture of the UN; Joaquín Santisteban, expert in finance; the editor Lidia González and other iIIustrious fellow members.