May 9, 2014. Eduardo Guaylupo.

The International Press Club (IPC) celebrated the delivery of its 2013 annual awards on Wednesday, May 7th, at the Pavilion Gardens of Cecilio Rodriguez at the Buen Retiro park of Madrid. The event was chaired by the governmental vice president, Mrs. Soraya Sáenz de Santamaria; the Mayor of Madrid, Mrs. Ana Botella, and the President of the aforementioned Club, Mrs. Carmen Enriquez.

The event was well attended and bright, and these three leading ladies spoke in order to address the current poor state of journalism and the journalists whose freedom is under assault due to political reasons, as well as the growing development of technology.

They also stressed the value, and heroism of the war correspondents stationed in war zones, which are risking their lives for transparent communication.

The event was presented by David Cantero, who preceded in reading the winners: The President of the Journalists Association and Arab Writers in Spain, Mr. Nazmi Youssef Salsa, presented the award to a notable Jordanian writer, Mr. Abdel Wahhab Tounsi Mohd.
For his part, President of the Association of Correspondents of Latin American Press, Mr. José Manuel González-Torga, delivered the 2013 Cooperation Award (silver plate) to Mr. Joaquin Antuna, President and Founder of the Spanish Peace and Cooperation Foundation, for the important work done uninterruptedly for the last 32 years which has stimulated many Latin American students and for it’s worldwide school campaigns, and especially recently in Mexico and the Philippines in 2013.

Mr. Miguel Angel Aguilar, who alerted the profession to intensify its efforts in these times to maximize the quality of information, received the award for an overall outstanding journalistic career.

Then the award for the best correspondent or Spanish envoy abroad was presented to Pilar Bonet, who at the moment reports from Ukraine.

The award for best foreign correspondent in Spain was awarded to Rosa Maria Veloso, for her efforts in informing the Portuguese public about the Spanish today.

The highlight of the ceremony was when human values were distinguished for the three Spanish journalists kidnapped in Syria, Marc Marginedas, Ricardo Garcia Vilanova, Javier Espinosa, the same ones that were applauded loudly and with a standing ovation.

The prize was given to a media company, EFE on its 75th anniversary, which was received by the President, Mr. José Antonio Vera.

The governmental Vice President and Mayor of Madrid alternated in the deliverance of the awards.

Then came the photo chapter for those awarded and for the people from the worlds of culture, politics, and diplomacy. Among the VIPs includes the ambassador of Libya, Mr. Mohamed Alfaquee Saleh and from the League of Arab States, Mr. Hassine Bouzid; the Ambassadors of Sudan, Mrs. Aida Abdelmagied and South Africa, Mrs. Fikile Magubane; Ministery advisor from the Embassy of Peru, Mr. Cesar Larrain, and cultural advisor from the Algerian Embassy, Mrs. Hadda Derradji, among others, who warmly congratulated the winners and especially to Peace and Cooperation for its deserved award and for the supportive work being done for many years now by the embassies.

The whole team from the Madrid office of the Peace and Cooperation organization, with consultative status to the United Nations, was present at the event: Ms. Alisa Grebinskyte of Lithuania, Ms. Ezgui Papatya of Turkey, Ms. Georgia Hristea of Romania, Ms. Mila Gonzalez Martin of Spain and Ms. Sonia Berrakama of France.

This time the Peace Foundation and Cooperation was shadowed by good friends of this organization like Mr. Fernando De Salas Lopez, honorary president of the Society for International Studies, Mrs. Paloma Royo, President and Mrs. Pilar Barroso, Director, both from the prestigious Caude College of Majadahonda-Madrid, Mr. Alfonso Figueroa, Duke of Tovar and Mr. Alfonso Ramonet, lawyer and theologian, among others.