Since its nomination in 1986 as Peace Messenger by the United Nations, this Foundation has been presenting its school campaigns at the UN Headquarters in New York and holding press conferences with the support of the Spanish Permanent Mission. Since 2005, its prize-giving and award ceremonies have been held in several cities around the world.

The “Road to…” began in 2011, which includes all activities and events related to the school campaign, simultaneously announcing the city where the end of the School Award will be held. As of right now, we have celebrated the “Road to Jakarta”, “Road to Manila”, “Road to Algiers”, “Road to Hong Kong”, “Road to Buenos Aires”, “Road to Vienna” and “Road to Cyprus”. The exact venue will be chosen during the meeting of the International Jury on October 24th, United Nations day. For 2020, our proposal is Vienna.

The universal work on the school campaigns has given us the possibility to meet many colleagues and friends in the search of shared values, as well as great moments of fraternity and forums of peace and love.

Every school award campaign intends to enlighten and suggest a collective reflection on some of the most diverse aspects of world problems.

Why don’t we use our creativity to achieve a better world? That is the purpose and the big challenge for the schools and teachers around the world. In order to move forward in our pilgrimage we are calling to our aforementioned friends that we are proud to have found during our Roads to support us in continuing in and improving on our work.