Rosa Olazábal, President of the Peace and Cooperation Foundation, has carried out in the last 15 days an intense work of visits to different venues to establish possible future cultural relations to carry out activities when the current restrictions allow it.

On March 4, the president Olazábal was received at the Spanish Gemology Institute by its President, Benjamín Calvo Pérez, and by the Head of Studies, Noelia González, who showed all the Institute facilities in a cordial meeting. During the meeting, the assembly hall, the auditorium, the impressive library and the immense collection of gems preserved in the Institute were visited.

Then, on the 9th of March, Rosa Olazábal visited the Casa de Cantabria. Casa de Cantabria is already known for her and where several cultural activities have taken place, including those organized by the Moroccan and Azerbaijani Embassies. Besides, the President of Peace and Cooperation was once again surprised by the excellent facilities of the Cantabrian House for exhibitions, conferences and music recitals.

Finally, last Friday, a meeting took place between our President and the Director of the executive board of the Camilo José Cela University, Jorge Santiago, at the university headquarters on Almagro street in Madrid. After the visit to the facilities and the university classrooms, a meeting was held in which several potential meeting points and collaboration for the future were set, given a large number of courses, seminars and masters related to Human Rights and Political courses offered by the University. Those who attended the meeting also pointed out the willingness of the university to actively collaborate in the upcoming Peace and Cooperation School Awards.