Miguel Pérez, director of the AH CPPE Hospital of the Child Jesus, author of the book “At school in pyjamas”

24 January 2022|Categories: News|

Peace and Cooperation is pleased to present to you the literary work  “At school in pyjamas - The adventure of a teacher in a children’s hospital” by Miguel Pérez, director of the AH CPEE Hospital of the Child Jesus in [...]

Peace and Cooperation celebrates its 40th creation anniversary

3 January 2022|Categories: News|

EL IMPARCIAL Wednesday, Decembre 29, 2021 To celebrate the 40th creation anniversary of Peace and Cooperation (1982-2022), a lecture, organised by its current president Mrs Rosa Olazábal Valle, took place on 21th december 2021 at the Real Casino in Madrid. [...]

5th United Nations Forum – Human Rights

10 December 2021|Categories: News, United Nations Forum|

On 10th December, on the occasion of Human Rights Day and the 5th United Nation Forum, Peace and Cooperation organised a conference chaired by Rosa Olazabal Valle, President of the Foundation. The conference, moderated by Gloria Castillo, Secretary of the [...]

Peace and Cooperation supports UNICEF’s work programme between social partners and political parties

1 December 2021|Categories: News|

In the photo, the President of Unicef España, Gustavo Suárez Pertierra, poses alongside the President of Peace and Cooperation, Rosa Olazábal.   The president of Unicef España, Gustavo Suárez Pertierra, commented, at an informative meeting organised by Nueva Economía Fórum [...]

In memory of our founder Joaquín Antuña León

23 November 2021|Categories: Home Fijas, Home Fijas, News|

Mrs Rosa Olazabal Valle had always stood alongside the founder and president of Peace and Cooperation, Joaquín Antuña León. They were great friends, looking out on the Foundation in order to help young people around the world. Rosa Olazabal Valle [...]

Peace and Cooperation on the occasion of the celebration of the Day of Peace in Alicante

21 September 2021|Categories: News|

Under the slogan “Peace, Human Rights and Global Justice”, a day of reflection and participation of specialised participants (institutional, academic and civil society) was held at the University of Alicante on last 21th October. The day, organised by the Generalitat [...]

Initiatives for the maintenance of biodiversity and the protection of the environment

30 April 2021|Categories: News|

On the celebration of Earth Day, the Association of Women for World Peace gathered eight speakers to present initiatives for the maintenance of biodiversity and the protection of the environment. These speakers were: Ángeles Parra, José Luis Barceló, María Jesús [...]

Spain in the European Union: Beyond Foreign Policy

22 April 2021|Categories: News|

After the events organized by the Diplomatic School to introduce the Spanish foreign action framed within sustainable development and the new challenges and procedures of the foreign action, on this occasion, the discussion focused on foreign action within the European [...]

Ethics and Digital Revolution: Presentation of the 4th Monographic of Diecisiete magazine

29 March 2021|Categories: News|

Carlos Mataix, professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, introduced the presentation of the 4th monographic of Diecisiete magazine, from which he is the director. This issue of the magazine raises questions related to different areas related to ethics in [...]

The centrality of cooperation for sustainable development in the Spanish Foreign Action strategy

26 March 2021|Categories: News|

The Diplomatic School presented the  framed Foreign Action strategy 2021-2024 within cooperation to sustainable development. It was presented by the International Cooperation State Secretary, Ángeles Moreno Bau. Ana Belén Fernández, who is a deputy in the Congress for the Social Parliamentary [...]

Intense work of the President of Peace and Cooperation for future cultural relations

15 March 2021|Categories: News|

  Rosa Olazábal, President of the Peace and Cooperation Foundation, has carried out in the last 15 days an intense work of visits to different venues to establish possible future cultural relations to carry out activities when the current restrictions [...]