Peace and Cooperation is pleased to present to you the literary work  “At school in pyjamas – The adventure of a teacher in a children’s hospital” by Miguel Pérez, director of the AH CPEE Hospital of the Child Jesus in Madrid.


We congratulate the author for his work and collaboration with our Foundation, especially in the context of the Peace and Cooperation School Award. Each year, we are fortunate to have the great participation of the teachers of this hospital who, despite the difficult context in which they teach, find time to let their imagination speak, thus creating literary works representing their thirst for life and teaching.

Miguel Pérez is a teacher specialised in Special Education, graduate of the University of Granada. He has more than twenty years of experience as a teacher of Pedagogy Therapeutic in several educational centres of Madrid and more than nine years of experience as a teacher in Special Education at the AH CPEE Hospital of the Child Jesus of Madrid, of which he became director in 2018. He was a member of the commission of the Acquired Infant Brain Damage Unit of this hospital. Miguel Pérez is also a teacher of the Master in Paediatric Psychology and Psychological Aspects in Palliative Care at the Miguel de Cervantes European University. As rapporteur, he participates in the Masters of Early Support from the Universities of Villanueva and Complutense in Madrid. In addition, he participates in other training actions in the field of education and in the field of health. Every day, Miguel Pérez tries to make the little students he works with smile.




Has anyone ever imagined that in a hospital there were other professions besides doctors and health workers ? In principle, these people do not dedicate themselves to health-related tasks, but do an indispensable work in the hospital treatment process. We’re talking about teachers. Has anyone ever imagined that, in a hospital, there might be a school that would look after the needs of patients of school age ?


This story is the inspiring testimony of Miguel Pérez, a teacher in Special Education at the AH CPEE Hospital of the Child Jesus in Madrid, and the account of his experience as an educator of children who were forced to spend their days in the hospital. It is also the story of some of these teachers, who gave up their living environment, schools and institutes, to dedicate themselves to these little patients in the classrooms of paediatric and general hospitals.


These pages guide readers to better understand this profession, a true vocation that requires a great commitment, that of teaching in hospitals.