In the picture, Rosa Olazábal, President of Peace and Cooperation, with the speakers of the lecture : Gloria Castillo, Soledad Herrero, Maria del Mar Requena and Blanca Cardona.

In order to celebrate the United Nations Day (1945), Peace and Cooperation, an NGO with the United Nations Special Consultative Status, chaired by Rosa OLAZABAL organised on 21th October an online lecture entitled “Working at the United Nations – Contributing to peace”. Prominent speakers attended the conference : Gloria CASTILLO, Secretary General for Peace and Cooperation ; Soledad HERRERO, Chief of Child Protection (UNICEF India), María DEL MAR REQUENA, Senior Programme Policy Consultant (WFP Afghanistan) and Blanca CARDONA, National Director of the Governance Zone (UNDP Colombia).

The lecture began with the speech of the President of Peace and Cooperation, Rosa OLAZABAL, reminding us that since 1945, every 24th October, the celebration of United Nations Day commemorates this international organisation that strives for peace and stability in the world and also seeks to awaken the political, cultural and social sensibilities of individuals.

Peace and Cooperation organised the lecture “Working at the United Nations – Contributing to Peace” to share the personal and professional experiences of those who work at the heart of the United Nations around the world. Speakers discussed the importance of education as a key driver of change in societies and the need for collaboration between States and peoples to achieve sustainable development goals.

Their experiences in countries like Colombia, Sudan, Madagascar, India or Afghanistan where the path to peace is so difficult served as a point of discussion to reflect on the necessity and importance of the existence of the United Nations and how it is the bond of union between peoples through its great human and professional team, which works day after day for a better world.

By : E. Guaylupo

Article published in: Style International Diario Digital de Negocios, Diplomacia y Lujo  and Galicia Digital.