On 31 October, an online conference was held in Madrid on the VIII United Nations Forum: 78th Anniversary of its Foundation, organised by the Fundación Paz y Cooperación, chaired by Rosa Olazábal. The event featured a speech by His Excellency Ambassador Arturo Pérez Martínez, and was moderated by Dr. Alba Gómez.

The ambassador’s conference, entitled “The United Nations on the 78th anniversary of its founding”, dealt with the configuration of the largest international organisation in existence, and delved into its structure and functioning. First, Ambassador Arturo Pérez explained the origin of the United Nations as a consequence of the catastrophic consequences of the First and Second World Wars.

He then went on to discuss the main key bodies that make up the organisation’s physiognomy, and then delved into its main programmes and activities. Of these, in third place, the ambassador highlighted the actions aimed at maintaining lasting peace, humanitarian aid, development and, in general, improving the living conditions of the world’s population; purposes which, together with safeguarding the environment, are aligned with the vocation of the Sustainable Development Goals. However, fourthly, the Ambassador wished to underline the importance of the promotion and protection of Human Rights in the aims of the United Nations. Lastly, Mr. Arturo Pérez considered the numerous recognitions that the organisation – “beacon of hope and unity” and “cornerstone of global cooperation”- has garnered in its already long peaceful and humanitarian trajectory, not exempt from criticisms that point to the advisability of undertaking reforms in line with the challenges of the 21st century.

Eduardo Guaylupo

Article published in Galicia Digital