Vittorio Gassman starred the movie “Brancaleone’s Army” composed by volunteer forces, who did the same as Don Quijote when he faced windmills regardless his little strength for defeating his fierce enemies. 

In this way, the all feminine Army of Peace and Cooperation, as it is proper in these days of women’s revolt, was formed by the D’Artagnan Ester and the Musketeers Asia, Olena and Elena and Georgi, who was making the Lady Winter. They are willing to face racism, xenofobia, ignorance and injustice.

The mystical musketeer Elena describes what AULA 2020 consisted with these words:

“Once again, among the various universities, institutions and volunteer organizations we find the Foundation Peace and Cooperation with the aim of publicizing its School Prize among young students, teachers and other interested people.

Peace and Cooperation performs a very important function of consciousness-raising and promotion of the values of peace, tolerance and respect among children and teenagers. Therefore, it educates the future minds by working with schools and by organizing an annual competition of drawing.

This year, Peace and Cooperation has organized its School Prize together with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and it encourages children and young people all over the world to draw inspiration for their works from the human’s rights and from the SDO (Sustainable development objectives) of the United Nations. Therefore, our team, formed by the fearless Ester, Elena, Olena, Asia and Georgi, informs and explains to the students how participate in our competition, its division in three different categories according to the age and its corresponding topic and resources, to which they can access to get inspired. They will have until the 1st of July to present their masterpiece and the winner of every category will receive a prize of 300€. 

The school campaign of the last year was realized together with the CTBTO and it had the aim of raising awareness on the Treaty of Prohibition of Nuclear Testing and of sensitizing on the importance of this Treaty to preserve the life on our planet.

Thereby, through these activities, Peace and Cooperation put its grain of sand for the achievement of the SDO and it promotes mostly the goal of peace and justice among the young people from all over the world, which is essential for a secure and tolerant coexistence”.

Olena, the fearless musketeer, adds “the contest is organized within the framework of the Education’s Week, whose motto is “orient your future”. This represents the major Spanish event for the educational world, since it offers a really big panoramic view of the sector through its five halls and its outstanding events.

This event allows that students, families, professors, mentors and heads of educational and professional centres for the education could have the possibility of knowing the wide educational and training offer that our country offers, and of receiving a personalized advice.

The educational guidance to students, families and professionals of the education is one of the main values that the event provides. The Education’s Week receives the support of the Ministry of Education and Professional Training and of the main institutions and educational entities of Spain and of foreign countries, with which it builds the convocation, at the disposal of the all educational community.

Different public and private universities of Madrid and of other parts of Spain participated: the Complutense university, the Autónoma university, the one of Alcalá de Henares, the Carlos III university, the Rey Juan Carlos university, the European university of Madrid, the Camilo José Cela university, the Salamanca university and many others.

In the International Hall of the Student and of the Educational offer, AULA, we find different spaces with different topics: el AULA of equality, with the special spotlight dedicated to the 8M, women’s day; art and coexistence, with schools of art and fashion; the AULA of the future, dedicated to a range of technologies to stimulate the process of teaching; and other spaces like the AULA solidarity, the place where our foundation Peace and Cooperation was located, together with other ONGs and entities, designed to provide informations to students, professors and mentors”.

All these activities took place without masks and any security measure right few days before the closure of the schools of Madrid. The wind was blowing toward the manifestation of the 8th, where a feminist government acted bravely for the women’s cause.

Here, at Peace and Cooperation we are working for a world with harmony, where men and women fight as equals for the comprehension and peace.

We could be utopians, but we consider ourselves as diffusers of hope, even if we are a small Brancaleone’s Army.