From March 27th to 31st the International Student Exhibition and Educational Fair was held at the Feria of Madrid, organized by IFEMA, within the framework of Education Week, where thousands of young people and visitors came to the Aula to learn more about post-secondary educational.

The education fair, hosted a wider array from of public universities, such as Complutense University, Autonomous University, the Alcalá de Henares University, Carlos III University, King Juan Carlos University, and the National University of Distance Education, UNED, where they shared their degrees and specializations with interested students.

Private universities were also present at the education fair such as CEU San Pablo, European University of Madrid, Camilo José Cela University, Francisco de Vitoria University, and Alfonso X University, among others. In these, more than 146,000 youngs students attended, with schools and teachers, in search of information for their future information.

In the space offered by Aula Solidara, was the foundation Peace and Cooperation, an organization that participates every year in the Aula, to raise awareness and promote school peace School Peace and Cooperation Award to all students and teachers. Peace and Cooperation is characterized as a defender of the values and ideals of the United Nations in the school world, and this is done through the organization of awards and international school exhibitions.

Every year the organization carries out an international school campaign, in which schools from all countries participate and always with a goal to inspire students to the values of peace and non-violence and respect for cultural activity. The last campaign was convened jointly with UNOOSA, The United Nations Space Office, and discussed the topic “Galaxy of Peace” that ended with an award ceremony in Paphos, Cyprus.

The current school campaign, jointly convened with CTBTO, sensitizes young people about the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty and the importance of this, to preserve life on our planet. There they explained to interested students how to participate in the contest which ends on April 15th, the theme of the drawings, the category according to age, the prizes ranging from 200 euros for the best 12 best jobs and Culture of Peace trophy, and finally an exposition of the 30 best jobs in Vienna, Austria.

Teachers were also informed about the importance of inculcating these values to students who can express their creativity through issues as relevant as the prohibition of nuclear tests, environmental preservation, peacekeeping and global security.

There our team composed of Ester Garcia, Ronan Briand, Marion Philippe, Autumn Green, and I, Cintia Sanz informed both teachers and students, on Friday the 31st, in the platform offered by the Aula, we carry out an exposure to the young interested in explaining the history of Peace and Cooperation, the School Award, the rules of the contest and all of them were encouraged to participate.

Peace and Cooperation is an organization that defends peace and non-violence and carries it out through the School Award, to instill these values in the education of young people. That is why, in this campaign with CTBTO, students from all over the world are called upon to raise awareness on this vital issue, such as ending nuclear explosions and building a safer world together, as well as striving to achieve the Goals of Sustainable Development.