Published on 10.19.2021 at 1:12pmLast updated on 10.19.2021 at 1:12pm

Rosa OLAZABAL was unanimously appointed President of the Foundation Peace and Cooperation, following the death of its former President and Founder, Joaquin Antuña, victim of Covid-19. Since 2014, Rosa OLAZABAL has headed the Department of international relations and Human Rights for peace and cooperation. Thus, she maintained relations with the entire diplomatic corps residing in Spain and with various foundations and NGOs, sharing common objectives with Peace and Cooperation.

In addition, the new President of Peace and Cooperation has played a very important role in the organisation of the annual School Awards, which have been held since 1998. His contact with various schools to disseminate educational and social values has facilitated, year after year, the achievement of the objectives of the Peace and Cooperation School Award.

The objective of the new President Rosa OLAZABAL is to faithfully follow the objectives set out in the statutes of the Foundation : to promote education for peace, development and human rights ; to promote international understanding ; to organise campaigns, debates and activities that facilitate knowledge of peoples in a culture of cooperation based on dialogue, non-violence, and environmental protection.

These awareness campaigns will be aimed primarily at young people, who will be encouraged to participate in international cooperation projects that strengthen the bonds of friendship between peoples.

Peace and Cooperation is associated with the Spanish Confederation of Foundations, the Coordination of NGOs for Development, the coalition of NGOs benefiting from the United Nations Special Status (CONGO), the International Office of Peace (IPB), at the Millennium Peoples Assembly, UNITED (against racism) and at the UNESCO Securipax Forum.

Since 1996, it has maintained close relations with Airline Ambassadors, an American NGO that actively collaborates in the annual School Award organised by Peace and Cooperation.

The Foundation Peace and Cooperation is recognized by the United Nations. In this sense, she was awarded the “Messenger of Peace” prize in 1987 by said organisation. Later, in 1994, Peace and Cooperation was associated with the UN Department of Public Information, which in 1999 granted it the Special Consultative Status of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).