In the photo, the President of Unicef España, Gustavo Suárez Pertierra, poses alongside the President of Peace and Cooperation, Rosa Olazábal.


The president of Unicef España, Gustavo Suárez Pertierra, commented, at an informative meeting organised by Nueva Economía Fórum last 19th November in Madrid, that “there is no choice but to agree between all the social partners and political parties” if we wish Spain to have a “stable and sustainable” education system which guarantees a future full of opportunities for youngs.

Reminding us that 160 million children and students worldwide no longer have access to education because schools have been closed for a year, the president of Unicef España said that in Spain “the dedication of teachers and educational institutions” allows, on the contrary, children and students to have class.

However, as he emphasised, 100.000 households in Spain do not have access to the Internet, which prevents students from having courses online and increases inequalities. That is why he has been thinking of creating a “structurally stable and sustainable system”, a work programme between social partners and political parties.