World Humanitarian Assistance Day, proclaimed by the UN and celebrated every year on August 19, aims to highlight the importance and value of humanitarian assistance in crisis situations around the world. This commemoration seeks to pay tribute to humanitarian workers who risk their lives to provide aid and protection to people affected by armed conflict, natural disasters and other humanitarian emergencies.

The interest of this day lies in raising awareness in the global community about the need to protect those who are in situations of extreme vulnerability, as well as promoting respect and protection of humanitarian personnel and guaranteeing their safe access to populations in need. In addition, it seeks to raise awareness of the importance of international cooperation and solidarity to face humanitarian challenges and promote rapid and effective assistance to those who suffer the consequences of tragedies and conflicts.

In short, World Humanitarian Day is a powerful reminder of the shared responsibility we all have to help those most in need, respect humanitarian principles and support those who risk their lives to alleviate the suffering of others.

Source: Naciones Unidas