Every December 5 the International Volunteer Day is celebrated. This day is a unique opportunity to thank all the efforts made by volunteers and their organizations, as well as promote their values ​​and publicize the achievements they achieve in their communities, either through non-governmental organizations (NGOs), agencies of the United Nations, government agencies or the private sector.

In recent months, when the COVID-19 pandemic devastated the world, volunteers have been in the front line of response, in the health, community and social fields. The world media have dedicated thousands of headlines to them, they have recognized the work of the volunteers in various aspects: they have helped to provide medical care, to do the shopping for vulnerable neighbors or to call the elderly who live alone.

This year, the International Volunteer Day campaign serves to thank volunteers from around the world and also to highlight the difficulties and needs of volunteers encountered during the pandemic. We must recognize voluntary actions and show the impact of volunteering during the COVID-19 crisis, because “With volunteering, united we are stronger.”