Every April 17th, young people and Youth Information Services across Europe celebrate the European Youth Information Day. This day, which was declared in 1983 by the European Agency for Youth Information and Advice (Eryica) and the Spanish Youth Institute (Injuve), represents an opportunity to acknowledge the work of youth information services, especially in a moment like this one.

In Spain there are more than 3,000 centers that constitute the Youth Information Services Network (SIJ) and their work over the past year has been altered as never before in its history. The services for young people, have not stopped and have been able to rebrand themselves and overcome the challenge of physical distance to organize online activities and be able to guarantee the care, companionship and emotional support of young people. In addition, during the pandemic, youth information services have become new agents to inform young people about preventive measures against COVID-19 and to distribute accurate information on the health situation and restrictions adopted by each administration, without forgetting the usual topics, related to training, employment, emancipation, solidarity, creation, leisure and free time.

Injuve. Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030