The Diplomatic Academy of the Kingdom of Spain is an institution that has gained great prestige by combining the best of Spanish and international diplomacy.

Its organ of communication is the magazine ”Diplomacy XXIst Century”, the first publication of its kind, which is not written by journalists who are always hungry for news, nor by thoughtful analysts who write perfect and boring reports, but by diplomacy professionals who incorporate their wisdom, knowledge of the issue and enrich it, making their writings enjoyable with savoury stories.

“Diplomacy” is produced and directed by a well-known personality of Madrid’s high society and who has a name that already commits him to be brilliant, Santiago Velo de Antelo, son of a deceased great diplomat who, among other posts, was Director of the Diplomatic School of Spain. He has an air of a sophisticated English aristocrat who, like Scarlet Pimpernel, strives to save the French aristocrats from the guillotine blade.

As a countermaster, it counts with Ambassador Arturo Pérez Martínez, a gentleman who stands out for his good manners, his elegance and his courtesy. Arturo would have been a fantastic chancellor of Queen Elizabeth II and I can see him respectfully dispatching with the Sovereign in a gala uniform, a perfect Elizabethan.

As you will understand, my beloved and unselfish readers, with such personalities a great event could be celebrated within the framework of the III United Nations Forum, chaired by a restrained, this time very discreet, President of the Rioja Centre and moderated by your intrepid chronicler, also overwhelmed by this wonderful Diplomatic Academy, by its Wagnerian anthem, its Verdian lyrics and its great respect and loyalty to the Monarchy. An accumulation of notable Ambassadors, Foreign Ministers and illustrious foreign Ambassadors.

The Ambassadors of Belarus, the Czech Republic, Palestine, the gentle Ambassador of Serbia and of Ukraine were present, as well as other Diplomats from Azerbaijan, Belgium and Russia. Arturo and Santiago gave the Palestinian Ambassador, Mr. Musa Amer Odeh, an Honorary Academic diploma for his great ten-year work in Madrid, which makes him the second in seniority out of the accredited Ambassadors in Madrid. A great activist for the Palestinian cause.

I recommend those readers interested in the Diplomatic Academy to check their website and Google, where they can find out about the organization and have a look at their Magazine. It’s worth it.

Allow me one last consideration on Diplomats, in which we must distinguish between the personal aspects and the one of the Governments they loyally serve. A friendly relationship can be maintained, regardless of the political nature of the Administration on which they depend. The shape puts into shape. They represent their countries, they enlighten us about them, they update their Governments on the ins and outs of politics, in this case of Spain, and the brightest and most adventurous make future prospects.

In the digital age of the Internet, messengers are no longer hostage of their bad news, now they are notaries of today and great ushers of that World Hotel that is the United Nations and peacocks that, when they display their tail, make us glimpse the plurality and variety of the world.