On February 10, the president of the Peace and Cooperation Foundation, Rosa Olazábal, met with the Nicaraguan ambassador, Carlos Midence, at the diplomatic headquarters of the Caribbean country. In the meeting, Carlos Matilla, state attorney and Investment Advisor and Promoter, was also present.

This meeting was held with the aim of strengthening cooperation ties, learning about the current status of the school education in Nicaragua, as well as in investments, tourism and carrying out a friendly exchange of information.

President Rosa Olazábal showed all her interest in the quality and current state of education in Nicaragua. Ambassador Midence pointed out that “schooling in Nicaragua reaches 100% of the population. Every town in my country has its school and all students receive their glass of milk and their school snack. Education is free until high school”. “Nicaragua, the ambassador continued, gives a lot of importance to the education of its children and young people, as it is the best investment we can make in our country.”

The president announced her interest in Nicaragua, “as a brother country, a country with high security, and in which work is being done to improve the lives of its citizens,” she said. Likewise, she expressed her desire to deepen relations with the Embassy for future agreements and cultural events “aimed to promote education and Human Rights in the country.”

Carlos Matilla was interested in the legal and citizen’s security, facilities, tax incentives and the good environment for investments in Nicaragua. He expressed the aim of organizing a meeting with a group of businessmen from several sectors, such as agribusiness, technology and tourism, among others. With the aim of motivating them to directly explore investment possibilities in the country.