From left to right : Stéphane VOJETTA, Carmen GONZALEZ ENRIQUEZ, Charles TITO POWELL, Daniel DE BUSTURIA and Sergio MOLINA

On 24th October, Peace and Cooperation had the pleasure of attending a debate event on “Spain and France : cross-views on European challenges”, organised by the association Diálogo and the Real Instituto Elcano and moderated by Charles TITO POWELL, Director of the Real Instituto Elcano.

Experts about Spain, France and relations between both countries intervened on the subject : Stéphane VOJETTA, Deputy of the French people abroad at the Assemblée Nationale ; Carmen GONZALEZ ENRIQUEZ, principal investigator at the Real Instituto Elcano ; Daniel DE BUSTURIA, founding member of the association Diálogo ; Sergio MOLINA, professor at the University Castilla-La-Mancha.

On the basis of a survey of a representative sample of the Spanish and French populations, the speakers analysed the reciprocity of representations, mutual feelings, opinions, on themes related to the European Union, the economy, the society and the culture, between Spain and France.

The debate highlighted the evolution of the various issues concerning both major countries of the European Union as well as the richness and density of the relations between Spain and France.

The relationship between both countries is old. Although it was conflicting at times, it has evolved. The historic bond between Spain and France is today strong and vector of equality, friendship and cooperation in many key sectors of our society, including agriculture, energy and culture.

Although France remains above Spain in many sectors, the gap tends to narrow year by year. Quality of life and culture are two areas where both countries are on an equal footing.

France, its culture and its politics have long had an influence on Spain, especially through the Lumières philosophers. In recent years there has been a growing influence of Spanish culture and politics in France. The Deputy Stéphane VOJETTA explained that the French deputies make many references to Spanish politics during the work and legislative debates in the Assemblée Nationale, in particular the spanish legislation about violence against women and the management of vaccination against Covid-19.

The good relationship between Spain and France allows both countries to move forward together and within the European Union to act in the face of the great challenges of our society.

Cléo Martel, Political Science student, Sciences Po Rennes University.

Peace and Cooperation

Article published in Galicia Digital